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No more spills, paper or twigs – natural firelighter PODPAL easily ignites fire in a fireplace, stove or in a BBQ grill.

Firelighter PODPAL meets the standards required by the PEFC certificate, i.e., it meets the standards of responsible forestry management. It is made of wooden cords and of good-quality standardized paraffin. It is wrapped into reusable materials which are environment friendly.

Firelighters are made in length from 5 – 7 cm. Longer firelighters burn stronger and are suitable for igniting bigger and damper wooden blocks.


Advantages of the natural firelighter PODPAL:

  • If you want to ignite fire, there is no need to use paper, spills, or twigs.

  • Fire that burns for at least 8 minutes, surely ignites wood or charcoal

  • PODPAL had great features for grilling and barbecues – it burns without harmful fumes

  • It is meant to be used universally, for different types of wood and charcoal. It ignites medium-sized blocks of wood or pieces of briquettes.

  • It is suitable for keeping at home, in places with temperatures below 40°C and it never expires

  • It is resistant towards moisture and damp


Firelighter PODPAL is suitable for:

  • Fireplaces

  • Fire stoves

  • Tiled stoves

  • Solid Fuel boilers

  • Barbecue grills

  • Open fires